Valleys in the Picturesque State of Kashmir

A holiday in the serene state of Jammu and Kashmir is a rhapsodical affair. The blissful state offers a delight to the sight through its enchanting and scenic beauty. The unspoiled natural beauty succumbs the attention of each voyager and adventurer towards it and so, people from all over the world travel to the state to retire amid the icy mountains and meandering blur rivers. The pulsating flora, beautiful lakes and valleys of Kashmir enthuse the tourists with excitement and reverence. The great Himalayas further surround the place with their awe-striking beauty.

Discover the scenic beauty of Kashmir and know about its majestic valleys that surround the state.

  • Betaab Valley:

This magnificent valley is located at a distance of 15 km from Pahalgam, Kashmir. The valley got its name from the famous movie Betaab which was starred by Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh and hence, romance and serenity follow during the visit in the valley.


  • Dha- Hanu Valley:

The Dha-Hanu Valley is low-lying region in Leh, Kashmir that houses the alluring beauty of nature and villages of the dards of Ladakh district. The climate of the place differs from that of Leh and is comparitvely warmer. The hill station is located near to the great Hindukush Mountains and tourist readily visit the valley to experience the Buddhist culture endowed with its charm.

dha hanu

  • Nubra Valley:

The famous Nubra Valley is sited near the serene city of Leh and is significantly known as the Orchard of Ladakh and was originally called Ldumra which meant the valley of flowers. Nubra valley is situated between Tibet and Kashmir amidst the beautiful Himalayan Ranges. The valley ensures an enticing and awe-inspiring view and in summers, the valley is entirely festooned with lush greenery.


  • Kishtwar Valley:

The blissful Kishtwar Valley is one perfect place for people who wish to walk amid the beauty of nature in a pleasant climate. The valley is garlanded with lofty mountains and dense deodar and pine forests. There are also two holy expeditions that start from Kishtwar namely, Machail Yatra and Sarthal Yatra and one national park in an area of 400 sq. km.


kistar valley

  • Poonch Valley:

The mesmerizing beauty is located on the Indo-Pak border. The waterfall at Behram Galla named as Noori Chhamb, the seven lakes (Sukhsar, Neelsar, Bhagsar, Katorasar, Kaldachnisar and Nandansar) at Girgan Dhok, the 18th century Poonch Fort and small villages like Mandi and Surankote are the major charms in this valley.



Kashmir tour takes you through the lush green patches, picturesque mountains, meandering rivers and serene lakes. The state is indeed a bliss on earth.

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