How to know you are ready for a yoga teacher training course

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Yoga teacher training can be a real game changer and challenge not just your physical endurance levels but test your mental strength as well. With a need to add motivation, dedication and drive to overcome any or all obstacles, yoga teacher training will take out the best in you, to sculpt out a new person altogether. Often the reason why people do not take up a yoga teacher training program is, they are unsure about their own abilities to perform, time constraints and the finances. But once you emerge from a month long of rigorous yoga, meditation and pranayama practice with a balanced mind and happy soul, everybody would want a piece of you. Why? Because the positivity it instills in you, you are like a shiny new mirror, beaconing happiness.

It is not necessary that you have to be good at yoga before you apply for a yoga teacher training course. Of course that would play as an advantage but many beginners enroll in such courses to take home more than they expected. With a wide range of benefits at your disposal, we recommend you to weigh yourself on the following points and see if you are ready for the yoga teacher training course. It is not about being a regular yoga practitioner. The real question is do you want to teach? Or would you be truly benefited by spending a month in the oriental lands, sculpting a strong yoga base?

Advisor of the clan

In your friend circle, do you often than not get questions about health and wellness? And your relatives know it is you who can tell them what to do for the chronic back ache or tight shoulders. If you find people reposing faith in your knowledge when it comes to yoga, spirituality, health etc. it is time you did that yoga teacher training course. Because clearly, you have come to a level where others repose trust in your answers and considered you a kind of health doctor for their immediate needs.

Everyday Signs

A spiritually advanced person who believes in the science of omens & signs would say, universe has a fine way of talking to us. We will receive signs in unconventional ways that we are ready for something or not.  Chances are if you are contemplating a yoga teacher training course, your universe is talking to you in a yes or a no. As you read this article, your inner voice will is communing. Trust your instincts. We are more intelligent that we think we are. For example, if you constantly meet people who have done or are doing a yoga teacher training course and they ask you to join them, well, that is surely a sign.

Love for the Game


One of the most important consideration is, do you love yoga like your own? Any art form can be learnt, mastered and taught only when you relate to it. If you feel yoga is your go to option everyday and you find complete peace and surrender when you practice it, you are ready. Halfhearted approach to any program would leave you unsatisfied and would be a compete waste of time, energy and money as well. Yoga teacher training requires complete submission, dedication and zeal. If you are not there yet, wait it out. It will come to you at the perfect time.

Stop Procrastinating  


Many people have been thinking if they are ready for a yoga teacher training program or not. Sometimes, all we need is courage and action to accomplish a goal. Do not sit on the plan if you are ready but are putting it at bay for tomorrow when you will have ample time. The right time to a good thing never comes. Right time is right now. When you decide to do something, the finance constraint, time constraint, family issues, everything will make way for your decision. Remember the quote, “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” Do it!

A right teacher will emerge at a perfect time. And when you find that yoga school matching your vibe do not put it at bay. Grab it and make the most of it. Still unsure? Try a 15 day teacher training program at a local school and analyze how you feel about it. You would surely know your answer at the end of 15th  day.

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