Honeymoon in Kashmir During The Summers

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Be it during the winters or the summers, Kashmir never loses its enchanting charm and appeal. A treasure trove for the visitors, this is such a destination that boasts of not just one, but endless reasons of being the most popular summer honeymoon destination in India.

Kashmir undoubtedly turns magical during the winters, but summers also add love and romance to every bit of this amazing Indian state. If you are planning for a summer honeymoon package in Kashmir, do not miss out these destinations and make your better half feel your love and affection:

  1. Gulmarg:

Gulmarg is known to be one of the best skiing destinations in India. Covered with snow, offering awesome views of the Himalayas and ideal skiing destinations, this hill station also appeals the honeymooners equally during the summers.


While the valleys turn into a colourful bed of various exotic flowers and rhododendrons, the mountain peak still possesses the snow covering. The blazing sun makes the peak shine just like the pearl in the ocean and fills the ambience with utmost love and romance. Pick up any honeymoon packages in summer, and you will find Gulmarg intact!

  1. Leh-Ladakh:

There is no doubt that winter brings in the best ambience and outlook of Leh Ladakh region. However, if you are looking for any of the honeymoon packages for Kashmir in June or till September, you must pick up this region!


Yes, it is during the summers; June to September, Leh Ladakh wears the most enchanting look. The views become clear and you can enjoy astounding views of the glorious peaks around Leh Ladakh. The mild temperature incites life into you and will provoke you to create the most romantic memories during your summer honeymoon trip in Kashmir.

  1. Pahalgam:

Whether you plan your honeymoon during the winter or summer, plan it in Pahalgam, Kashmir and your honeymoon will become the most pleasant and romantic! Located around 100km from the Summer Capital of Kashmir, this hill resort offers a pleasant climate throughout the year.


Moreover, since with the arrival of the summers, the valleys and the hills starts losing the thick snow blankets, Pahalgam just appears as fresh as the morning dew and alluring like a virgin honeymoon destination. Make sure that your Kashmir honeymoon package for summer has Pahalgam included in it and you don’t miss the romance and charm of this pristine destination!

  1. Srinagar:

When it comes to summer honeymoon destinations in Kashmir, no other destinations can replace Srinagar. The Summer Capital of the state, summer is in fact the most ideal time to plan honeymoon in here! Though winters creates a magical spell on the honeymooners with the serene blanket of snow, summer just adds some of the most enticing colours of nature to Srinagar.


Visit the Dal Lake during the summers, witness the Shikaras carrying bunches of colourful flowers. No matter, wherever you step in Srinagar during the summers, you will be surrounded with the most wonderful colours of the nature painting the entire of Srinagar. Imagine, your honeymoon is such an enchanting destination!

  1. Zanskar:

Summer honeymoon in Kashmir is all about pristine beauty, sweet fragrance and melting snow. Zanskar, a remote vicinity in the Kargil district that remains cut-off from the rest of the world, opens its doors during the summers.

It is during this period of the year, you can visit this Zanskar other than trekking through the frozen Zanskar River. As the snow starts melting, it creates a mesmeric spell on the visitors. Create such a spell on your better half by gifting her a honeymoon package for Kashmir in the summers and witness the magic of your love!

  1. Sonamarg:

If you and your better half are not in the mood to step into the sun, and yet enjoy your honeymoon in Kashmir during the summers, Sonamarg is where you should plan your trip to! Located around 87 km form Srinagar, the Summer Capital of Kashmir, in the Sindh Valley, Sonamarg offers pleasant climate during the summers.


Offering a temperate climate throughout the summer, the entire vicinity starts unwrapping itself from the thick snow-coverings and showcases the best views and experience. If you want to feel the true charm and appeal of Sonamarg, make sure you pick up a honeymoon package for Kashmir in July! Well, during this time, the region receives a bit of rainfall and everything seems so fresh and romantic!

  1. Patnitop:

Udhampur, a least explored destinations in Jammu and Kashmir, is the abode of one of the most stunning and gorgeous summer honeymoon destinations in Kashmir. Nestled amidst the Lower Himalayan Ranges, this scenic destination is a must pick among all the honeymoon packages for Kashmir in the summers.


Visit Patnitop with your better half and embark on a journey that is filled with love and only love. Make endless memories, enjoy the untouched beauty of Mother Nature as it regains all its charm after the chilling strokes of the winters and make your honeymoon, the most memorable phase of your lives.

  1. Yusmarg:

If you are still confused, which one to pick for your honeymoon during the summers in Kashmir, you must look into Yusmarg. Cosseted by the evergreen pine forests, during the summers, this picture-perfect destination starts regaining life and casts an irresistible enchantment on the honeymooners.


As the meadows regains life, the entire vicinity gets flowered into different exotic colours and shades. Seasonal flowers, orchids, rhododendrons and several other shrubs cuddle the entire valley! Peace, serenity and romance is all that you can find in Yusmarg during the summers!

  1. Sanasar:

Thinking about a village, rustic charm, country life, delightful locals and the earthly beauty of the nature is all that engulfs the mind. The Sansara village in Kashmir is one such destination, where you will get re-introduced with the best of living in harmony with the nature. Reaching a height of 2050 feet above the sea level, it is formed by the ‘Sana’ and ‘Sar’ settlements.

It’s your honeymoon, make it special by planning a trip to Kashmir’s Sanasar village. Be a part of the enchanting beauty of the nature as it come alive after the hibernating days of winters are gone! Enjoy the aerial views of the fascinating peaks and mountain ranges while paragliding over them and fill in the atmosphere with all the love and romance you have for each other.

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