5 Not so Famous Activities to Indulge in Andaman

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Every tourist who travels to Andaman knows about the beaches and the water activities that you can indulge in the Andaman, like Snorkeling, scuba diving, sea walking, etc. But only few know that there other interesting things too which you try and have bucket full of good times. Even the people who book Andaman holiday packages from Bangalore and other cities are not aware of these activities. Check out our list of some these activities.

Mangrove Kayaking at Mayabunder

You might have heard of the banana boat ride in Andaman, which is extremely fun filled and full of adrenaline. Mangrove kayaking is also along the lines of that but not that thrilling instead it is more of a peaceful activity which you can do with your other half or even friends and enjoy the peaceful environment. The duration of this activity is around 2.5 hours. You can try Mangrove Kayaking at Mayabunder which is at Havelock Islands. The price for this ride is INR Rs. 2500.

Dolphin Watching

Explore the marine life through the comfort of a cruise. The dolphin watching is another favourite activity amongst Andaman people. You can spot these beautiful dolphins at the Lalaji Bay Beach on long Island or the Jolly Buoy in the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National park in Havelock Island. There are a variety of cruises from which you can choose from like Super saver cruise, sunset cruise, grand cruise, etc.

Rubber Plantation

Wandoor has one of the largest rubber plantation on the Island. The place is just 20 minute’s drive away. You will find long white sheets with brown rubber lying there. You can even pick a tour guide, who will take you around the plantation and show you how it works. You can also spot coconut trees here.

Helicopter Ride

What better place than Andaman to go for a helicopter ride. Enjoy the Aerial view of Andaman through the gliding helicopter and click some amazing pictures. You can book a helicopter ride at the Experience Andaman Tours at only a cost of INR RS. 2600 – RS. 6000.

Visit the Barren Island

Visit the only active volcano in the whole South Asia. The barren Island which does not have any people living at the place, hosts this active volcano which erupted last time in 2010 and lasted for a whole 5 months. Though, it is not advisable to go to the Island, you can still catch a view of the Island on a cruise or a boat ride. The Islands is just 135 kms away from Port Blair.

Trekking in the Andamans

Trekking is one of the conventional ways to explore the nature. Trekking is another fun activity among the tourists. You can go for a trek from Mt. Harriet to the Madhuban or you can trek from Diglipur to Raman caves (Alfred Caves), but a fun evening is guaranteed. You can find species of birds which you wouldn’t normally find like the blue swiftlet.

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