4 Must visit places in Andaman for Honeymooners and Couples

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the top retreats in India, whether you stay in North India or you live in South India, traveling to Andaman will be worth it. For many years, Andaman’s has been seen as a Honeymoon destination by newly married couples and why wouldn’t it be? After all those crazy sunsets, coral blue waters, and white sand just screams out romance. Andaman is truly nature’s grace which doesn’t stop to woo the visitors. There are tons of destinations at Andaman which truly is a treat for couples, that is why even people from Chennai book honeymoon packages for Andaman, even though both the places have a similar geographical structure in terms of beaches and tropical vibes. Don’t miss these places on your vacation to there-

Havelock Island- Havelock Island is another exotic place, where you can have a stay for 2 days. You can find beautiful red colored leaves on the shore of the sea and alluring sunsets and sunrises will get you to stay here more than you would intend to. You can reach here easily from Port Blair via ferries.  The ferry rides are also equally enjoyable. You can also take this opportunity to get on a sea plane which would cost you around 5000 bucks, but I would I say it is worth it as there are not many places where you can get on a sea plane.

Havelock Island

Neil Island- This place is heaven for nature lovers. The peaceful vibes you get here is on another level. You can have a stay at the Tango Beach Resort or Pearl Park Beach Resort or Silver Sand Beach Resort, all these resorts are well equipped with the facilities and have well-maintained honeymoon suits for newly married. For couples and honeymooners, glass bottom cruise/boat ride would be a perfect activity to spend the time with their better half. Neil Island has one of the best beaches, Sitapur beach which is a treat for nature seekers and photography enthusiasts.

Neil Island

Little Andaman- This place comes under one of the undiscovered places which are situated in Andaman, the Island is actually separated from mainland Andaman. Little Andaman which is scattered at approximately 707 km2   has various activities for you to indulge in. You can go for a surfing at the beach and even go a trek at the nearby places to explore nature’s creation like waterfalls, rain forests, and creeks. Greenwood Island Resort is the resort of couples and honeymooners.

Little Andaman

Diglipur- The beauty of this place is unimaginable. One of the most admirable places is the thin line of land which connects two Islands and there is sea on both the sides which looks very magical. The couples can visit the Alfred Caves and Chalis Ek Caves which gives off that rusty ancient vibe, which people love about it. There is also Kalipur beach and Pathi Level Beach which is not to be missed. You can cover this place in a duration of 1 to 2 days max.

Diglipur North Andaman Islands

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